Poverty Alleviation

Poverty is the undisputable root-cause of societal disparity. The haves and have-nots divide points down an abyss of deepening social inequality that we aim to restore.

We direct our actions to address poverty through initiatives that enable provisioning of:

  1. Aid — Provide material and health aid through programs, initiatives, localised drives where food, clothing, and medical aid is provided in the form of health check-ups and dispensation of medicines. At the core of it is  
  2. Education: —Make education more accessible, competitive, and affordable through partnerships and associations with schools, institutions, charities, and organisations who support schooling, coaching, guidance, counselling, and scholarships for elementary through higher education.
  3. Vocational training – Programs uniquely focused on the entire spectrum of training, employment, entrepreneurship, and market linkages, resulting in a workforce that is more equipped, inclusive, accessible, and employable.