Project Rahaat

India has struggled with inadequate food and water access over the last few decades. The country’s rapidly growing population has drawn the attention of the world, and several states and organizations have answered the call to address hunger.

India ranked 94 among 107 nations in the Global Hunger Index 2020 and is in the ”serious” hunger category with experts blaming poor implementation processes, lack of effective monitoring, siloed approach in tackling malnutrition and poor performance by large states behind the low ranking.

County’s capital is considered to be the hub for the migratory population mostly living in slums spread at almost every corner of the city. This section is most vulnerable in nature and faces a lot of difficulty in managing even the basic necessities like food, clothes, medicines etc., because most of the people from this section works mainly in the unorganised sector and are not paid regularly which further results in the malnutrition, sexual abuses and many more of the same height and altitude.

So, for being a supporting hand to the hungry and broken is what kicked us to start this project. As the name in itself is self – explanatory that providing relief to the most marginalised and vulnerable section of the society is the objective of this project.

Under this project we run various donation drive across various slums located in and around Delhi – NCR on regular basis: –

  • Delhi witnesses extreme weather condition be it summer or winter so in winters we carried away various donation drive on Christmas Day, New Year Eve, Coldest Night of the season where we use to distribute blankets, warm clothes, food, etc,. to the people living in these slums as well as to the people living on footpaths and roadside in Delhi-NCR region.
  • We also help this group in providing basic medicines.
  • Sometime some area of our country faces natural calamity where everything gets distorted like we saw in Kerala Flood, Assam Flood etc,. so, in this also we have tried to reach as many people as possible and provided them with basic necessities like food packets, medicines, some clothes etc,. 
  • Our CSR partners are also dedicated towards this project apart from other providing support. In our project they have a ritual of celebrating their birthdays with these kids with a thinking to help as much as they can in any form possible to these kids with a try to provide them a better and sustainable future and life ahead.