SAVE OBS is our initiative under the Environmental Protection area.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary (OBS) is located in National Capital Region, Delhi (NCR) at the point where the River Yamuna leaves the territory of Delhi and enters the neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh. Geographically it is located with coordinates being: 28°32’56.3″ N Latitude 77°18’56.6″ E Longitude at Uttar Pradesh Side and 28°32’43.5″ N Latitude and 77°18’41.7″ E Longitude at Delhi Side. The most prominent feature of the site is a large lake created by the construction of a barrage on the Yamuna River adjoining Okhla village towards west and Gautam Buddha Nagar towards the east. It is a declared Bird Sanctuary and lies on the border of Okhla village in Delhi and Gautam Buddha Nagar district in UP.

The bird species of thorny scrub, grassland and wetland are seen in the sanctuary due it’s unique positioning. This wetland was formed due to the creation of Okhla Barrage. The Uttar Pradesh Government notified this as Sanctuary in the year 1990. It is now one of the 466 IBAs (Important Bird Areas) in India.

OBS is considered to be the land of more than 300 bird species both residential and migratory, from the endangered species of white-rumped vulture and Indian vulture, one will also notice here the beautiful Baikal teal, Indian skimmer, sarus crane, Finn’s weaver, Palla’s fish eagle, black-bellied tern, grey-headed fish eagle, bristled grassbird and many others. 

Importance of birds to the ecosystem: –

  • Bird Control Pests
  • Birds Pollinate Plants
  • Birds are Nature’s Clean Up Crew
  • Birds Spreads Seeds
  • Birds Transform Entire Landscape

OBS has lost its value in the past few years. Even though the UP government has claimed that it is taking all steps to protect Okhla Bird Sanctuary, the forest is declining. The Okhla bird sanctuary is seeing a record low turnout with every coming year. Once a thriving habitat for flamingos and sarus and pochards, the Okhla Bird Sanctuary today is devoid of most of its winged visitors. Even the number of small terrestrial birds like stonechats, warblers and paradise flycatchers has declined and the most common reason behind all of this is day by day increasing air, noise and water pollution that disturbs the habitat.


Pararthya is closely associated with Okhla Bird Sanctuary for a very long time for its conservation and betterment. In the past we have done several initiatives for its conservation such as: –

  • We have initiated a week – long awareness program of celebrating Wildlife Week in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh Forest Department, in this program we have invited children from various schools of Delhi – NCR, some differently abled children from NGOs, officials from the UPFD, our partners etc. It was a week – long program where we did various activities with kids like exposure to the sanctuary, nest making competition, drawing competition, plantation drive, cleanliness drive etc to aware all the participants about the sanctuary and nature.
  • We are in regular contact of UPFD and keep on doing various activities like: —
  1. Green Belt Formation as it will provide a shield against noise, dust and light pollution
  2. Development of nesting and roosting sites by habitat management.
  3. Installation of signboards in and out the sanctuary.
  4. Fixation of boundaries to prevent illicit entry of catels.