About Us


We are a socially and environmentally sensitised organisation of volunteers registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860. Our line of work imbibes the values and ethos of sustainable development in all its entirety – environment protection, human resource development, and poverty alleviation.

We seek to make a tangible difference in the lives of millions affected by climate change and global warming through promoting sustainable development practices in partnership with individuals, organisations, and governments.

We demand collective accountability from this planet’s most valued stakeholders—governments, organisations, NGOs, and of course the ‘mango people’–for coming together to fight the environmental rabbit hole we find ourselves in today.

It is beyond concerning that ceaseless consumption of natural resources is drying up what are our most valued treasures -soil, air, water, food, land, and forests—pushing us into environmental deterioration. Even more concerning is that the galvanisation of human spirit that this situation calls for has far from happened.

Pararthya endeavours to mobilise activism around sustainable development through groups, communities and individuals focused towards the cause. To that end, we believe the buck stops with anyone who lays claim to the planet.


As a socially responsible and sensitive organisation, we aspire that sustainability and environmental conservation be truly upheld. Our vision is a reality that embraces the widest contours of sustainable development, including not only protecting the environment but also the overarching goals of :  


  • No poverty and zero hunger
  • Good health and well being
  • Quality education and gender equality
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Sustainable cities & communities
  • Climate action


Our core mission is strengthening environmental security and making sustainable development more mainstream to groups contributing towards mitigating the crisis of climate change & global warming.

We seek to:

  • Promote awareness about sustainable development goals.
  • Initiate a society embracing the ethos of sustainability.
  • Promote & propagate innovative methods to mitigate climate change & global warming.
  • Alleviate poverty and promote equity as a tangible human asset.



Our values and ethos reflect in all our endeavours. We believe not in sporadic development but in the very process which makes this development inclusive, making the lives of millions and our mother nature better every day.

The values that Parathya stands for take the shape and form of:

  • · People: We believe that human resource is one of the most important of all available resources and a systematic approach to leverage it effectively is important.
  • Planet: We firmly believe in protecting the planet in all our capacities using various methods.
  • Prosperity: Fruits of growth & development should be shared with everyone to ensure prosperity prevails everywhere. 
  • Peace: There should be peace & harmony between humans & nature.
  • Partnership: Problems & concerns should be solved in collective partnership to ensure maximum output & successful achievement of our desired goals.