We understand you and your needs and as per your requirement we teach. We work on your weaknesses and focus on feedback it helps to bring improvement fast and quickly.

We have perfect system of management and facilities to provide extra advantages which make us different from others. Long working hours of “NIEV�which is very beneficial for students, housewives and professionals as per their timings before and after schools, domestic’s works and offices.

We have number of courses (one roof facility) like SPOKEN ENGLISH, IELTS, ONLINE CLASSES, MOTIVATIONAL CLASSES, and BUSINESS ENGLISH and so on…

We have highly trained teachers with rich experience, who give their attention and care individually,NIEV has many class rooms which are well designed with utmost care of peace and silence and conference room where we solve problems and issues and listen weaknesses of candidates whereas other do not have time even to listen about any problem but we give much time to bring harmony ,clarity and satisfaction among all of us. That’s why choose NIEV.

We provide easy mode of payments and flexible timings, first go through FREE INQUIRY AND FREE COUNCELLING then choose the correct option for you CHOOSE US TO CHOOSE BETTER CAREER FOR BETTER LIFE.