Celebrating World Nature Conservation Day

To spread the awareness about the best practices to protect natural resources, Pararthya and HCL Foundation is celebrating World Nature Conservation Day on 28th July,2021 at Okhla Bird Sanctuary.
We believe a healthy environment must be created to safeguard the present and future generations. Pararthya and HCL Foundation is taking the initiative to keep our nature clean and healthy and is organizing a Cleanliness Drive at Okhla Bird Sanctuary on 28th July.

Activities Scheduled for Cleanliness Drive

Clean OBS, Clean Noida: Okhla Bird Sanctuary Cleanliness Drive:
  1. The volunteers will be divided into 5 different groups, and each group will be allotted a particular area to clean.
  2. The event will begin from 7.00 am and will continue till 11:00 am.
  3. All the volunteers will receive a participation certificate for their valuable contribution.
  4. Once all the trash gets collected, it will be bifurcated into recyclable and non-recyclable wastes.
  5. All the non-recyclable items will be dumped into the nearby dumping yard. And all the recyclable items will be handed over to the recycling companies.
  6. Post event “The Clean-Up Champion” award will be presented to the volunteer/team who will collect the maximum waste and litter within the given location.
Brainstorming session on how to make Noida Cleaner and Greener.

This brainstorming session will also be conducted with all the volunteers available at the event. They will be asked to come forward and share their ideas of How can Noida get cleaner and greener? The ideas will be noted down and the one suggesting a new/unique idea will be rewarded.

Felicitation of Winners of Drawing Competition

Winners of poster making competition organized previously across different NGOs, working for the upliftment of underprivileged kids will be felicitated.

Selfie with the Woods Contest

A selfie with the woods contest will be another highlight. Participants will be required to click a selfie in OBS and upload it on their social media page while tagging Pararthya, HCL Foundation and Clean Noida. The participant fetching the maximum likes and comments in a week post the event will enjoy special perks.

Details of the following Events

On 27 July between 5 to 6 pm, we are conducting a webinar. The session will be addressed by IshaniPalandurkar, an undergraduate student at Duke University, USA. She is studying Masters of Environmental Management, specialising in Ecosystem Science and Conservation. She is also one of the 100 participants in the world to be selected for the 2041 ClimateForce Antarctic Expedition, 2022.

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