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Being displaced by floods is an unfortunate way of life for thousands of those who live along the Yamuna floodplains in Delhi. These floods are so unpredictable that there is hardly any time to gather stuff and move for those who live by the river banks.

As the water levels unexpectedly rise, unsuspecting victims flee their hutments to run for cover, leaving behind a harsh trail of uprooted inhabitation.

The story repeated this year too.

Water level in the Yamuna crossed the danger mark in August; many floodplain dwellers had their homes washed away. Around 14,000 moved into relief camps. Many others shelterless got forced to fend for themselves.

The small-scale farmers in adjoining areas like Yamuna Khadar, Kisan Colony, among others, had the swelling waters swamp away not only their crops but also any realistic prospects of making a living.

Project Rahat 2022

Under the ambit of project Rahat this year, we aim to restore lives of the flood affected, to provide them means of sustenance, to equip them with necessities especially against the upcoming harsh winters, and above all, to make them believe they are cared for.

We appeal to everyone who can make a difference to chip in.

We are looking for:

  • Protective clothing (blankets,woollens, warmers, denims, jackets, etc)

  • Medical Aid ( We are doing a winter protection kit of antibiotics, cough syrup, analgesics etc. for which you can contribute)

  • Funds

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