Pararthya is working closely with the conservation of Okhla Bird Sanctuary, a wetland heaven for over 300 bird species. It is one of the 466 IBAs (Important Bird Areas) in India. But now, there has been an observant decrease in population of migratory birds due to increase in air, noise and water pollution in the Yamuna River, further shrinking the habitat of marshlands and water areas.

With an aim of reviving the sanctuary, Pararthya is working out on interventions with Uttar Pradesh Forest Department and few other organizations :

  • Introducing Battery Carts in sanctuary

  • Green belt formation

  • Development of nesting and roosting sites by habitat management

  • Fixation of boundary to prevent illicit entry of cattle and stray dogs

  • Installation of awareness sign boards inside and outside the sanctuary

  • Provide skill development training to villagers and provide them job opportunity

  • Adaptation of Eco - Tourism


Awareness is like the Sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed. Awareness is important to increase the concern of Environment Conservation and Sustainable Development by raising campaigns, informing targeted audience and attempts to change their behavior.

We have a vision of sensitizing numerous number of people through our awareness program campaign because we believe with better awareness you can make better choices and when you make better choices, you will see better results. With the target of spreading awareness among children, youth and different sections of society we have been organizing awareness programs in schools, colleges, NGOs, malls, markets. Our awareness program is categorized in

  • School Activities

  • Road Show

  • Nukkad Natak


Our Livelihood Development Projects aim to develop life skills of people and empower them in overcoming social, economic and environmental challenges. Training and Development helps in providing an alternate route to gainful employment for economically disadvantaged individuals through the establishment of their own business.

We are establishing an effective and sustainable instrument to improve the living condition and economic status of the disadvantaged community in Delhi/NCR region and strengthen their livelihood base by establishing systems that foster outcome. Programs have been designed to improve their efficiency and providing market linkage by collaborated with corporates. Under our self sustainable program some of the interventions have been made like handmade office stuff - File cover, Cloth bag, Jute Bag and Office artefacts making and selling on good margins to corporates.